KOI :Freestyle

1,130.00 kr1,360.00 kr

The MAKANI pro Koi freestyle fin is going to be THE new reference in Freestyle. The KOI fin is a combination of all the freestyle experience of WYATT MILLER, TYSON POOR (US pro-riders) and the knowledge of Louis Genest (Makani’s engineer). A larger chord on top for planning power with a slighlty smaller tip for 2nd spins. Add a thin profile for easy pops and you have all the ingredients of a great freestyle fin ! The KOI makes you forget you are riding a fin so you can throw all your best moves easily.

Louis (designer): ”I guess this fin is working well, can’t do the trick they’re doing so I believe Makani’s pro riders 😉 No seriously we did lots of prototypes to get this final product and we have got a top of the line freestyle fin. Fast foil with the perfect outline for freestyle purpose.”