AVANTI Viper 2017

3,400.00 kr

Endast 4,2 och 4,7 kvar i lager. Nya segel kommer in under försommaren.

Do you crave the hiss of a clean bottom turn and the smack of a fat lip?

It’s time to sweep aside marketing and focus.

The Viper is a clean, light, wavesail strung in Avanti’s exclusive RedLine Aramid fiber. Best suited for down-the-line sailing, with good bump and jump potential, the Viper has an unsurpassed strength to weight ratio.

A classic outline that feels natural on a wide range of boards, the new Viper has refined luff curves and twist flows in all sizes.

There has never before been a commercially available wavesail of this quality.

‘A key feature of the 2018 Viper is the fiber concentration in the clew to luff fiber group. We added critical HotSpot Trajectories exactly along the contour from the clew grommet to the ‘hot spot’ on the luff curve. This intensity of fiber on the primary clew to luff load path works wonders to keep shape from migrating vertically, and yields a snappy pumpability and reactive feel’.

– Dan Kaseler