Avanti Machine M4 Race 9,0

5,000.00 kr

Dessa segel tas hem på beställning. Hör av er om intresse finns

” To give you the main new differences on the M4 to the M3 then we went back to the root. Dan wanted to start from fresh new files so that a new template was build based on the information we had received from user of the M3 and Dan inserting his massive amounts of knowledge of sail designing.

We felt that the sail sizing needed to be addressed as the old sizes were too marked by Finian being a very heavy rider and not ideal for the riders in normal weight classes. New sail sizes which now read:

5.6, 6.3, 7.0, 7.7, 8,4, 9.0, 9.6

New luff curve on all sail sizes. On the larger sizes they have the biggest differences in terms of reducing the luff curve compared to the M3.
5.6 is closer in the curve to the M3

This gives the larger sails a softer feeling as well as it raises the sail up so it doesn’t come so far back when closing the sail. Like this we also eliminate the sails touching the water.
New outline of the sails and a new batten layout as we raised the outhaul grommets ca 20cm on the larger sizes. Again to raise the sail up and give more power in light wind.
There are now only two outhaul grommets, both under the boom.

Next big change was to cup the bottom batten, so that we have a very closed section in the base of the sail keeping the wind in the sail and giving us instant power.
The entry profile in the sail has been re worked especially in the lower section of the sail.
This means, cam above boom and the next two down are sitting in a much deeper angle to gram the wind more aggressively and lead the wind in where we need it.
This again it more pronounced on the lager sail sizes and then gradually even out towards the smaller sizes like 7.0- 6.3 and 5.6 where we are moving towards high wind sails.

New battens specs. We went away from the set-up seen on the M3 especially on #4 which was much too closed and breaking the sail.

Above batten #4 you will now see that from the deep profile below in the sail we transit into a flat profile in the upper section for easy entry exit without putting too much load on the mask .

I believe especially with the 8.4 9.0 and 9.6 we have made the biggest steps forward towards what was missing in terms of light wind qualities. The 9.6 actually physically scares me J

As we now have Quentel on the team and we have been receiving a lot of feedback from the guys around. Especially from the Dutch guys I believe we are well on the right track. A lot of the issues we had such as not enough low end has been addressed so that we now get planning much earlier. There is a better drive in the sails to keep going through the lulls. The sails doesn’t touch the water as we used to see. The sails are faster in lighter wind”