AVANTI Fenix ME New Wave 2017

9,400.00 kr 4,500.00 kr

For 2017, we are proud to introduce the latest iteration of our revolutionary membrane wavesail. In design terms, we mindfully revisited our most popular wavesail with the goal of adding range and drive based on Camille Juban’s direct feedback. With a tweaked luff curve, slightly updated seam shapes, and the addition of a new fiber blend, the Fenix takes a significant step forward in performance and handling. Nothing was overlooked in this update. Improvements can be found everywhere, from batten tapers to the new Cobra Vision Window. Winning AWT contests from Cabo Verde to South America, this offering sets a new bar for strung wavesails.

“The 4.4 Fenix has been my first choice sail on the AWT. When I first got on the sails, I was shocked both with the weight and the performance. I like a little drive out of my rigs, as long as things go neutral when I sheet out. The Fenix is the perfect balance, and my first choice for 99% of my sailing.” — Camille Juban”